What is the USCAF

The US Columban Alumni Fund (USCAF) has been established to provide financial assistance to the school that nurtured us into who we are today. As a non-profit charitable institution, the school has limited resources available to it, requiring assistance from its alumni.Due to various regulatory constraints, US-based alumni have found it difficult to donate to the school.

Working with the Principal of the school (see sponsorship letter here). The USCAF has been set up as a US-based non-profit, charitable 501(c)3 organization which can not only accept funding from individuals and institutions, but also allow US tax payers to claim deductions on their tax filings.

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A copy of the Certification of Incorporation and the Tax ID Number can be obtained by clicking on the topic headings.

A copy of the US Columbn Alumni Fund's Bylaws can be obtained here .